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Our Author,

Carlos Salazar

Born in Torreon, Mexico – Carlos Salazar is currently the CEO of the educational company One Way Education, LLC. Carlos has written a variety of Spanish language instructional materials; this includes the first edition of this book: Yo soy americano – 2017. The strategies that he developed through his career are based on current events and technology, as he perceived these two topics as the most important for the learning process of the new student generation.

In 2017, Carlos became a national motivational speaker, visiting schools around the country, and with the programs called “I am an IMMIGRANT” and “Crecemos juntos” – the speech is now getting close to more 40,000-student mark. The speech has been covered by Spanish and English national news.


In 2018, Carlos received the award for Teacher of The Year for LULAC Education Council 402 in Houston, TX. Today, he is fully focused on creating materials for the AP Spanish Language and Culture and Spanish for Native Speakers classes, as well, continuing to change student’s perspective with his life story.

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