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Anécdotas: vida,

actualidad y cultura

Spanish for Heritage Speakers

Spanish for Heritage Speakers - Levels 1 and 2 

  • Anecdotas is an innovative and specialized program for Spanish for Heritage Speakers classes in the US. Our approach is unique, student and teacher friendly, as well as rigorous in developing the language skills needed to succeed in the classroom and the career path they may choose. 

  • We offer an integrated and inquiry-based program where each unit offers real-world applications, learning in context in an innovative way that promotes bilingualism, biliteracy and biculturalism. 

  • With a thematic based approach all language components connect and align with the ACTFL World Readiness Standards, prepare students for AP/ IB and college and career.


This program includes a supplemental online edition. 

Lecturas contemporaneas 

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Cultura: Un viaje

por el mundo

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para la vida 

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La gramatica

en contexto 

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Prepacion AP


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La conexion 


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End of Unit Project 

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La ortografia por medio de cuentos 

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