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Giovanni Rodriguez

Giovanni A. Rodríguez Rivera, born in Humacao Puerto Rico, residing in Texas, has 20 years of experience in the educational field, particularly specialized in Literary Studies, both in English and Spanish, and in the area of ​​English Language Acquisition as Second Language (ESL) and Studies in Hispanic and Caribbean Literature. Throughout his career he has had several certifications, including teaching English as a Second Language in Puerto Rico and teaching Spanish in Texas; both particularly for secondary level and coming from his studies at the University of Puerto Rico in Humacao and additional training within the same university system.


Giovanni worked as a teacher for both the private company and the Puerto Rico Department of Education in various municipalities in the eastern area of the island, and more recently also served as a teacher within the Dallas Independent School District in Texas (DISD). During his time as part of the teaching force, he had the opportunity to teach all levels from elementary to high school. For 5 years he stood out as a member of the World Languages ​​Leaders Team at DISD where he received multiple trainings and trainings that led him to excel in creating and presenting multiple professional development seminars, inside and outside the district, including depositions for SWCOLT in 2018 and ACTFL in 2019, held in Fort Worth, Texas and Washington DC respectively. At DISD he collaborated with the development of tests for the exam department for 4 years as an item writer for the Spanish 1 and 2 tests, as well as for Spanish for Speakers of Heritage. In Puerto Rico and Dallas he collaborated with adults in ESL classes.


Giovanni currently works for the DISD Department of Languages ​​(World Languages) as an Instructional Specialist where he shares his expertise with all the levels and languages ​​offered in the district, but mostly for teachers working closely with Spanish-speaking classes.

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